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Other Tools for Solar

Cable Cutter with Opening Spring

Cable Shears with Opening Spring P/N R700 016 3
  • Suitable for universal use for cutting and dismantling
  • Automatic reopening by spring-loaded handles
  • Easy and clean cutting by precicsion-ground blades
  • No crushing or deforming of the cut cable
  • Lock closure and distance stops for high safety comfort
  • Easy cutting with one-hand operation
  • Guard prevents operators fingers being pinched
  • Not suitable for steel wire
  • Made in Germany by Rennsteig

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Assembly Tool for mounting of MC3 couplers

Assembly Tool for mounting of MC3 couplers P/N R725 000


Patent Pending

Instruction video

  • The Assembly Tool for MC3 is a high quality device that is used for inserting the crimped solar PV cable into the rubber housing necessary to fully insulate an MC3 connection. 
  • Suitable for assembling MC3 connectors from 14/12/10/8 AWG (similar to 2.5/4/6/10 mm²)
  • Can be used for both male and female connections
  • Ergonomic and facile
  • Up to 3 spindles can be stored in grip
  • For assembling rubber boots for MC3 (Solarline 1) connections from 2.5-10mm² (similar to 14/12/10 AWG)
  • Integral wire gripper
  • Tapered spindles store in grip magazine
  • Change grip width by removing magazine
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Made in Germany - made by Rennsteig

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Insulation Stripper with Replaceable Stripping Plates (Solar)

Insulation Stripper for Special Applications P/N TBD
  • Special hand tool for high-quality stripping and dismantling of single and multi-wire cables
  • With an adjustable length stop when cutting the same stripping lengths during repetitive work
  • Form-fit stripping also of difficult-to-remove insulating materials such as Teflon®, silicone, Radox®, Kapton® and rubber; multi-layer too
  • No pinching or deformation of cable ends
  • Interchangeable blades for different wire gauges
  • Custom blade designs upon request
  • Chrome-plated or brunished finish, ergonomically designed two-component handles
  • Solid construction, easy to handle
  • Made in Germany by Rennsteig

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Rennsteig Assembly Key for MC 4 connectors

Rennsteig Assembly Key for MC 4 connectors P/N R690 001
Applications in One (3)

This absolutely ergonomic plastic open end spanner is for tigthen and loosen of the cable gland. You can use this key also for breaking connections (open the locking) after they already been locked together.

  • Tighten and loosen of the cable gland
  • Open the locking

To tighten the cable gland, we recommend using two assembly keys.

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Toggle press for crimping

Toggle press for crimping P/N R636 000 1


Instruction video

  • for small-lot production
  • parallel crimping
  • designed to match all solar series crimping dies, and locators
  • operatingl height and working stroke same as our solar system crimping tool
  • fine adjustment of crimping height by 0.01 mm with adjusting nut at the press ram
  • forced locking system for reliable crimping (emergency release provided)
  • crimping dies and accessories easily interchangeable
  • convenient handling as no safety attachment in the way
  • Made in Germany by Rennsteig

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