Cable Shears D27

P/N 700 027 2

  • Easy clean cut due to new improved blade geometry
  • Short design, low weight
  • Forged cutting head, handles made of special aluminum-pipe
  • Adjustable screw joint
  • Not suitable for steel wire or wire cable
  • Material: special tool steel, forged
  • For cutting copper and aluminum cable, single and multiple wire
  • Not suitable for steel wire and wire ropes

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  • Low force requirement due to optimal transmission ratio
  • Precision ground, hardened blades
  • Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation
  • Low handforce required due to favorable lever ratio and new blade geometry
  • Optimum 1:20 leverage
  • Short design, length only 500 mm
  • Low weight
  • With guard
  • Adjustable screw joint
  • Cutter head forged from Vanadium steel, oil-hardened and tempered
  • Handles made of high resistant aluminium pipes


Model No. D27
Finish Type Burnished, Bright Ground Blades
Handles Powder-Coated with Rubber Grips
Length 500 mm (similar to 19 3/4")
Weight 1010 g (similar to 2.23 lbs)
Capacity 27 mm (similar to 1 1/16")
150 mm² (similar to 5/0 AWG)

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