hForce - Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimp Tool

P/N 6320 802 1 RT

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Battery-powered hydraulic compression tool for crimping cable lugs and connectors up to 400 mm2 / 750 MCM.

  • Extremely quick processing due to a two-stage hydraulic pump
  • 360° revolving head with quick opening and closing
  • Wide application range up to 400 mm2 / 750 MCM

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  • Integrated pressure relief valve, false pressings cause no damage at tool nor dies
  • Lithium-ion-battery without memory effect, self-discharges very low
  • High capacity due to 3.0 Ah-battery/18V
  • Ergonomic handle with balanced weight distribution for sure work free of tiredness
  • Case, handle shell, and pressure discharge key completely from isolated and push-firm plastic material
  • Integrated electronic module for:
    • Permanent accumulator-loading state control
    • Supervision of the working process and state announcement
    • Announcement of the next service interval
    • Mistake announcement at possible disturbances
  • Delivery completely with battery, battery charger, supporting
  • Loop for transport and safety, transport plastic case


P/N 6320 802 1 RT
Description hForce - Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimp Tool
Capacity Take all Interchangeable Die Sets for Heavy Duty Hydraulic Crimpers
Tool Dimensions

16" x  13" x 3"

6320 802 1 RT

Weight 13 lbs.
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