Rennsteigs Global Pick Tool Basic Light Kit

P/N 680-10528 RT

Basic extraction/pick tool kit for wide/universal spectrum of use.

Set can be used for Porsche, BMW, Ford, MACK, MAN, Fendt, etc.

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Engineered to the highest standards anywhere, these picks will not damage terminals or harnesses during service. Other terminal removal devices and methods being used may be causing damage to terminals and wiring harnesses because they do not meet customer specifications.  You profit from the high level of functionality as well as from the longevity of our tools.

Light Kit for the most common round and blade-type plug connection systems, as well as for secondary locking mechanism systems.

Case content:

P/N Tool Style Contact Size Application Can be used with (for example)
680-12093647 Flat 2.8 mm TE Junior Power Timer 2.8, APTIV VF 280, FCI DCS-1 2.8mm All types of vehicles
680-10714788 Flat 0.8 mm Ducon contact ABS housing, Siemens micro-housing, TE Micro Timer Trucks/Commercial Vehicles: Fendt, Iveco, Mack, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Scania, Volvo
680-10714809 Flat 1.5 mm TE Micro Timer II and III, LEAR/GHW MFK, MFS / AFS, BOSCH BMK 0.6, Molex Mini Fit

Cars: BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen Audi Group

Trucks: Fendt

680-98020 Flat 2.8 mm KOSTAL SLK 2.8 Cars: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen Audi Group
680-10714843 Fork 2.8 / 4.8 mm TE 2.8 Junior Power Timer, Standard Power Timer, MCP 2.8, Aptiv VF 280, HVF II, Lear & GHW DFK 2, DFK 4, MDK 1, MDK 3, MDK 4 Universal, FCI-2 2.8 mm -
680-87035 Round 1.6 mm TE Univ. Mate-N-Lok (Ø 2.1), CI 2 (Ø 1.6) LEAR/GHW CONI 1+ 3 (Ø 2.1), RSA 2 (Ø 1.6), CPC (Ø 1.6)

Cars: Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen Audi Group

Trucks: Fendt, Iveco, MAN, Merces Benz, Renault, Scanie, Volvo

680-90023 Flat - Tool for various secondary locks Miscellaneous
680-24006 Custom - Bosch BDK/BSK 2.8 Miscellaneous