Solar System Tool for crimping of Hosiden (14/12/10 AWG) solar contacts

P/N 625 51190 3 1 RT

This crimp tool is recommended for crimping of Hosiden solar contacts (HSC2009, HSC2010, HSC2013 and HSC2014). The excellent handling, the crimping insert bits and the possibility of adding a positioning aid are facts in favour of these crimping pliers.

This Rennsteig crimp tool brings it all together:

Length 8"
Weight 1.52 lbs


P/N Finish Contact Manufacturer Capacity Connector   
625 51190 3 RT Tool with dies Hosiden
(HSC2009, HSC2010, HSC2013 and HSC2014)
14 / 12 / 10 2.5 / 4 / 6


ULapproved with Rennsteig Crimp System Tool.

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625 51190 3 1 RT Tool with dies + locator Request a Quote!


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