Professional Solar Wiring/Crimping Kit Plus for MC3/MC4/Tlian/Tyco/Leoni

P/N 624 105-23 RT

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  • For cutting, stripping and crimping of solar contacts from MC3, MC4/Tlian/Leoni and Tyco
  • The Kit includes:
  • Crimp Tool
  • MC3-Die Set, MC3-Locator (Solarline1)
  • MC4-Die Set, MC4-Locator (Solarline2)/Tlian (T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1)/Leoni LSC-R1
  • Tyco-Die Set, Tyco-Locator (Solarlok®)
  • Assembly Tool for mounting of MC3 Couplers
  • Insulation Stripper for solar wire (AWG 16/14/12/10)
  • Cable Cutter RG (Max. wire cross-section: 50 mm²)
  • A customized kit is much less expensive than multiple individual tools
  • Kits for other applications on request

With this kit you will also be able to make adapters that go from one type of connector system to another.

This Kit is preconfigured and enables you to work with the following contacts

MC3 MC4 Tyco Tlian (T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1)


Model No. R624 105-23
Dimension 4 1/4" Height, 14" Length, 12 3/4" Width
Weight 7.84 lbs
Capacity 16/14/12/10 AWG

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