CSC Multifunction Tool (10 AWG) for MC4™/PV4-S/Tlian/Twinsel/Leoni

P/N 624 006 3 1 RT

No more carrying around 3 different tools, when all you really want to do is make a connection.
"CSC" stands for Cut - Strip - Crimp, and that's what this tool does.

Unique in the industry!

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P/N 624 006 3 1 RT 624 006 3 0 RT 624 006 0 01 RT
Finish Crimp System Tool
(1x Tool Frame with 1x Crimping Die Set, 1x Locator)
Die Set only

(This item will fit as well in our Crimp System Tools)

Locator only

(This item will fit as well in our Crimp System Tools)

Capacity AWG 10 | 6 SQ-MM  


Staubli MC4™ PV-SP4/6, PV-BP4/6
PV-KBT4/6I-UR (6 SQ-MM | 10 AWG) — PV-KST4/6I-UR (6 SQ-MM | 10 AWG)
PV-KBT4/6II-UR (6 SQ-MM | 10 AWG) — PV-KST4/6II-UR (6 SQ-MM | 10 AWG)
Tlian T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1
T4-MFC = T4 Male and Female Contact (-)/(+)
T4-FSC = T4 Female Socket Contact (+) In a Roll
T4-MPC = T4 Male Pin Contact (-) In a Roll
Twinsel PV-SY02M/PV-SY02F
Leoni LSC-R1
Solarlok™ PV4-S 2270251, 2270226, 2270253, 2270252
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Assembly tool for MC4™ application: Rennsteig Assembly Key for MC4™ connectors 

General tool information

Handle Type Two-component handles
  • For cutting, stripping and crimping of solar contacts with just one tool
  • Options include other wire sizes and connector types
  • Black-Oxide finish
  • Solid construction, easy to handle
  • For Staubli MC4™/PV4-S/Tlian/Twinsel/Leoni terminals

CSC Multifunction Tool



Weight 1.52 lbs.