RENNSTEIG System Tools

Battery Powered Crimping Tool

P/N 6370 0300 1 RT

  • World‘s first electromechanical driven tool
  • Speeds up the crimping process
  • More than 1000 different interchangeable die sets available
  • Intelligent crimping, process monitoring through LED-Display
  • Low maintenance, due to the electromechanical drive mechanism
  • LED illuminated work area
  • Low noise, compared to hydraulic-driven
  • Quick-stop function, increase safety and
    prevents over-crimping
  • Eliminates hand fatigue due to less hand force
  • Energy-saving function
  • Combines fast and ergonomic crimping in one tool

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P/N 636 084 3 RT

  • Crimp unit for insulated and uninsulated ferrules
  • Square crimp shape with 4 profiled jaws
  • Self-Adjusting to the required ferrule size
  • Rotatable insertion aid for insulated and uninsulated ferrules
  • With length stop for insulated ferrules
  • Operation counter with reset button
  • Easy retrofit for turned contact crimping
  • For 26 - 8 AWG (similar to 0.08 SQ-MM - 10 SQ-MM)

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P/N 636 000 1

  • For small-lot production
  • Parallel crimping
  • Designed to match all PEW12 series crimping dies, locators and wire stops
  • Operating height and working stroke same as with PEW12 crimping tool
  • Fine adjustment of crimping height by 0.01 mm with adjusting nut at the press ram
  • Forced locking system for reliable crimping (emergency release provided)
  • Crimping dies and accessories easily interchangeable
  • Convenient handling as no safety attachment in the way

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P/N 636 0753 3 1 RT

  • For crimping turned male and female contacts
  • Interchangeable 4-indent units, also available for MIL
  • Indent settings in 0.01 mm increments, with digital setting and readout
  • Go - no-go gauge for checking the basic calibration
  • Electronic wear monitoring with warning function
  • Setting functions in mm, inch or MIL
  • Compatible with numerous locators

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