Manual Machinist

For our new small production floor, we are looking for a full-time employee to fill our Manual Machinist position. Our Manual Machinists will assemble, repair, and fabricate metal parts by operating mechanical equipment. Assemble small crimping machines into sub-units or complete units. He will report to the production supervisor.

Essential Responsibilities/Requirements of this position include but are not limited to the following

  • Use blueprints to ensure proper dimensions and tolerances levels of the finished products.
  • Take measurements of material and select the appropriate machine for the process.
  • Select the appropriate machine for the process.
  • Operate manual machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders to produce metal parts.
  • Shape steel, aluminum, and other materials.
  • Reviewing specifications.
  • Plan the sequence of cutting and finishing operations.
  • Write basic programs (optional).
  • Modify programs in response to problems.
  • Replace dull cutting tools.
  • Operate pallet trucks and forklifts.

What Skills Do You Need?

  • Previous experience in machinery or other related fields preferred
  • Familiarity with machine tools and equipment.
  • Analytical and mathematical skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Able to operate a forklift.
  • Ability to work well independently.
  • English is required/German and or Spanish language skills are a plus. 

Place of employment: Camarillo, CA

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