Additional Tools

P/N 690 001

This absolutely ergonomic plastic open end spanner is for tigthen and loosen of the cable gland. You can use this key also for breaking connections (open the locking) after they already been locked together.

  • Tighten and loosen of the cable gland
  • Open the locking
  • Set of two

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  • EPIC® Solar
  • Hosiden (HSC2009, HSC2010, HSC2013 and HSC2014)
  • Huber+Suhner (Radox® - Push Pull)
  • Huber+Suhner (Radox® - Twist Lock)
  • Kitani
  • Kostal KSK4
  • Lumberg LC3
  • Lumberg LC4
  • SMK
  • Wieland (Gesis® solar PST 40)
  • Yukita (540820-2MA, 540821-2MA; 540920-2MA, 540921-2MA)
  • Yukita (YS-25)

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P/N Please look here

Unlike other strippers, that only cut insulation partially and tear the rest, this Rennsteig stripper cuts the insulation around the entire circumference of the wire and then pulls it gently off the end. There is never any damage to the leads. Replaceable stripping blades let you configure the stripper to your needs. When the blades wear out, you can replace them without buying a new stripper - for significant savings.

  • Special hand tool for high-quality stripping and dismantling of single- and multi-wire cable
  • With an adjustable length stop
  • No pinching of deforming of cable ends by a special cutting mode

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P/N 725 000

    • For assembling MC3 cable couplers PV-KBT3... and PV-KST3... for cross sections 2.5 / 4 / 6 / 10 mm² (AWG 14/12/10/8)
    • Tool includes:
      • Integral wire gripper
      • 3 color-coded tapered spindles in grip magazine
    • Change grip width by removing the magazine
    • Keyring to secure the tool, ideal for use on rooftops
    • Other systems on request

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