Overlength chisels are often used in foundries, construction, and mining. For some applications they are indispensable. The name “XXL” fits, but like every chisel, their exact shape and size depends on the intended application. The maximum possible length depends on the material used.

RENNSTEIG has the technological capacity to make XXL chisels for machine and hand use up to five meters (16 foot) in length. Our XXL machine chisels come in many chuck versions for different machines. The choice of tip shape depends on the application determines, and we supply the most common tips such as pointed, flat, and spade, as well as other tips by special order.

RENNSTEIG naturally also offers XXL service. Our sales team has deep knowledge and an extensive product portfolio, backed up by the ability to meet special requests. We’ll also repair your XXL chisels, and take care of pick-up and delivery. Repairs are done in our Altersbach facility to exact quality specifications, for maximum service life.

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Flat tip Pointed Tip 2 different insertion options



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