Cutting Tools

Cable Cutter Design

Cutting a cable is the first in a series of operations with the aim of making an electrical connection. To cut cables of different shapes, materials and diameters properly, the right cable cutting tools must be used. There are different tools for thin, fine-wire conductors, precise right-angled cutting of ribbon cables and cutting thick cables. It should be possible to cleanly cut the cables without undue effort.

Compact Cable Cutter with Opening Spring (RGO)

P/N 700 015 3 RT | P/N 700 015 36 RT
P/N 700 016 3 RT | P/N 700 016 36 RT

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  • According to the aerospace standard AS6173/3 FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS 5120
  • Clean and smooth cut without crushing or deformation
  • Easy cutting with one-hand operation
  • Cutting Capacity: max. 1/0 AWG | Ø 19/32"

P/N 502 037 6 RT | P/N 502 038 6 RT

P/N 502 037 6 RT | P/N 502 038 6 RT

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  • For precise right-angle cutting of aluminum composite and plastic pipes, thin-walled plastic pipe (such as plastic protective outer pipe) and plastic and rubber hose, including fabric-reinforced (depends on version)
  • Cuts tubes clean and burr free
  • Cutting Capacity: max. Ø 1 1/32"

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