Weather Pack

P/N 624 105-55 RT

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Rennsteig Weather Pack Crimp Tool Kit (complete in case).

  • Complete kit for crimping all Delphi (Aptiv) Weather Pack terminals: 0.35mm2, 0.5mm2, 0.8mm2, 1mm2, 2mm2, 3mm2 (22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12 AWG) .
  • Plastic carrying case with hand crimp tool (624 000 3 RT), die set (624 1528 3 0) and die set (624 1476 3 0)
  • Superior terminal crimping process meeting the OEM crimp specification.
  • One step crimp process: crimping both the wire and seal with one action.
  • PEW12 Crimp tool frame has parallel crimp action providing 2,645 pounds of force/pressure at the crimp surface
    • Replacement crimp dies are replaceable if lost or improperly used and damaged.
    • PEW12 tool frame also accepts over 1000+ interchangeable die sets for all types of applications.
  • All components, including the rugged case, are quality Made in Germany.

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