Stripping Tools

Stripping Tool Design

A high quality conductive connection requires the proper removal of the cable sheath and careful stripping of individual conductors. The cable sheath can be removed quickly and proberly using a suitable sheath removal tool. The individual conductors must be stripped clean to the correct length and without damage in the contact area. Stripping tools are designed with stripping holes to make one or more defined conductor cuts.

Pliers with circular cutting holes are only suitable for stripping the cross-section they are designed for. Risk of confusion, which leads to conductor damage, arises when there are several hole diameters. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing the pliers to use for a particular job. Self-adjusting insulation strippers automatically adjust to the diameter or insulation thickness. This greatly aids users as the risk of damaging the conductor is eliminated. Cables up to 16mm2 can be stripped using these tools. The cutting depth of the blades can be closely adjusted for different materials, while the length stop facilitates series stripping.

P/N 707 020

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  • Fully automatic self-adjustment to commercially available multi- and fine-strand conductors with standard insulation
  • Applicable for multi-wire PVC-, and a large variety of rubber-insulated cable
  • Built-in wire cutter
  • Length stop for pre-adjustment of stripping length up to 11/16" | 18 mm
  • Stripping Capacity: 32 - 8 AWG | 0.03 - 10 SQ-MM

P/N 707-1640

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  • A professional cable stripping tool designed to strip outer sheath from MV and LV cables
  • Stripping Capacity: exceeding 1 1/32" | 25 mm

A unique tool for longitudinal and circular cuts/strips.

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