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Stripping Tool Design

A high quality conductive connection requires the proper removal of the cable sheath and careful stripping of individual conductors. The cable sheath can be removed quickly and proberly using a suitable sheath removal tool. The individual conductors must be stripped clean to the correct length and without damage in the contact area. Stripping tools are designed with stripping holes to make one or more defined conductor cuts.

Pliers with circular cutting holes are only suitable for stripping the cross-section they are designed for. Risk of confusion, which leads to conductor damage, arises when there are several hole diameters. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing the pliers to use for a particular job. Self-adjusting insulation strippers automatically adjust to the diameter or insulation thickness. This greatly aids users as the risk of damaging the conductor is eliminated. Cables up to 16mm2 can be stripped using these tools. The cutting depth of the blades can be closely adjusted for different materials, while the length stop facilitates series stripping.

P/N 8007 5001 3

  • Designed to strip copper cable (incl. Teflon®) ranging from 0.005-0.14 mm² (AWG 40-26)
  • Fixed stop for wire ranges 0.02/0.01 mm² (AWG 34/36) and 0.008/0.005 mm² (AWG 38/40)
  • Swing stop for wire ranges 0.14/0.08 mm² (AWG 26/28) and 0.06/0.03mm² (AWG 30/32)
  • 2 stripping positions, on front and backside, laser marked

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P/N 707 020

  • Fully automatic self-adjustment to commercially available multi- and fine-strand conductors with standard insulation throughout the entire capacity range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm²
  • Applicable for multi-wire PVC-, and a large variety of rubber-insulated cable
  • For wire sizes 0.03 to 10 mm² (AWG 32-8)
  • Solid metal clamping jaws
  • Length stop for pre-adjustment of stripping length up to 18 mm
  • Blade and length stop are simple to replace
  • Built-in wire cutter for Cu and Al multi-wire cable up to 10mm²/AWG 8 and single-wire cable up to 6 mm²/AWG10
  • Tool body made of glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Ergonomic, two-component handles

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P/N 707 001

  • For stripping the most common standard insulations of single-strand, multi-strand and fine-strand conductors, available in two versions for cross-sectional ranges of 0.03 to 10 mm², as well as for thin ribbon cable up to 10 mm diameter and for cross-sectional ranges from 2.5 to 16.00 mm²
  • Stripping blades automatically adjust to the various insulation thicknesses without presetting
  • Automatic opening of clamping jaws after stripping

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P/N Please look here

  • Special hand tool for high-quality stripping and dismantling of single- and multi-wire cable
  • With an adjustable length stop when cutting the same stripping lengths during repetitive work
  • Form-fit stripping also of difficult-to-remove insulating materials, such as Teflon®, silicone, Radox®, Kapton® and rubber; multi-layer too
  • No pinching of deforming of cable ends by a special cutting mode
  • Over 53 interchangeable blades for different wire ranges (Please take a look)
  • Customized blade designs on request
  • Automatic release after operation
  • Solid construction, easy to handle
  • Chrome plated or burnished body. ergonomically designed two-component handles

P/N 707-1630

A professional rotary action cable stripping tool for insulation like PVC, PE, rubber, silicone, etc. 
This tool strips cables from 4.5 to 29mm in diameter. A unique selectable triple action makes a rotary cut around the cable, a linear cut along the cable or a spiral cut about the cable.
The Spiral cut mode is ideal for tough, hard insulations as peel off is easy it is useful for 'window' strips as well.

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