4/8 Indent Circular Crimp Tool DigiCrimp® 75 for Amphenol and Deutsch turned contacts

P/N 8753 0416 61 RT1

  • Digital crimp tool
  • A tool family that covers a wide cable range
  • Crimping of turned male and female contacts for wire sizes 0.03 to 10.0 SQ-MM
  • Micro setting of indenters and display up to 0.01 mm tolerance
  • Digital readout to avoid setting errors
  • Best of all worlds - multifunctional digital display, with settings shown in mm, inches or MIL selector positions
  • Locator offers positions for 12 different contacts
  • Calibration/reset with included go - no go gauge
  • Electronic wear monitoring with warning function
  • Forced locking system and synchronous drive of indenters for highly reliable crimp connections
  • Stored in a handy plastic case

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DigiCrimp® - Digital Display InchFour Indent Crimp ProfileAdjusting ScrewDigiCrimp® - Digital Display mm

P/N Finish Weight Terminal P/N

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Amphenol Sine Systems Deutsch Tyco
8753 0416 61 RT1 Tool with Locator in Plastic CaseTool Chrome Plated with Locator in Plastic Case 2.6 lbs AT62-210-1231 0462-210-1231 n.a.
AT62-203-12141 0462-203-12141 former 9-1606224-6
AT62-209-1631 0462-209-1631 n.a. 
AT62-209-16141 0462-209-16141 former 9-1606224-7
AT62-201-1631 0462-201-1631 n.a. 
AT62-201-16141 0462-201-16141 n.a. 
AT62-201-2031 0462-201-2031 n.a. 
AT62-201-20141 0462-201-20141 n.a. 
AT60-220-1231 0460-220-1231 n.a. 
AT60-204-12141 0460-204-12141 former 9-1606224-3
AT60-215-1631 0460-215-1631 n.a. 
AT60-215-16141 0460-215-16141 former 9-1606224-4
AT60-202-1631 0460-202-1631 n.a. 
AT60-202-16141 0460-202-16141 n.a. 
AT60-202-2031 0460-202-2031 n.a. 
AT60-202-20141 0460-202-20141 n.a. 


warningWarning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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