Crimp System Tool for Crimping European Spark Plug Connectors

P/N 624 025 3

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Crimp System Tool for crimping spark plug connectors with customary connection elements as e.g. snap-on connectors, serrated sleeves, threaded bushes, ignition cable sleeves (straight and angled).

This crimp tool brings it all together:

  • High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps
  • Parallel crimping performance for even crimps
  • 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with minimal hand effort
  • Interchangeable high-precision crimping die set
  • Interchangeable locator for precision positioning of terminals
  • Ensures accurate, solderless, electrical connections
  • Customized die sets on request
Model No. Crimp System Tool PEW 12
Finish Black-Oxide
Handles Tow-Component
Length 7 7/8"
Weight 1.4 lbs
Capacity 1.0 SQ-MM (similar to 17 AWG)
Connector Spark Plug Connector


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