Modern metalworking techniques demand ever more specialized and higher quality tools that provide long service life, high elasticity and toughness. Our striking tools meet or exceed all applicable standards. We achieve our superb quality through the use of selected materials and diligent manufacturing processes. Our chisels, center punches and parallel pin punches are forged out of top quality hardened chrome vanadium steel. All of our striking tools are tempered to a hardness of 54 to 58 HRC - not just at the working face, but throughout the tool. This gives the tool an homogeneous structure that ensures unusually long service life, and also transfers the full striking force to the work face, making the operator´s job easier. It also means these tools can be reground repeatedly and still retain their full effectiveness. RENNSTEIG pays special attention to operator safety. All of our striking tools have safety striking heads according to DIN standards. Supplementary heat treatment reduces the hardness at the head to 38 to 46 HRC, to reduce the danger of splintering. At the same time, the hardness is sufficient to prevent undesirable spreading. All of our striking tools are ground at the tip, and our hand chisels can be purchased with polished or lacquered tips.

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