RAUCUT II Tool Set in portable plastic case

P/N 8007 3030 6

  • For opening continous multi-fiber buffer tubes without cutting fibers
  • Avoiding of unnecessary cutting of optical fibers to be branched
  • Remarkable cost savings
  • Shaving off a sheath section by parallel cutting method
  • Easily exchangeable guide rollers (ball catch mechanism) for tube ranges Ø 4.0 mm to Ø 14.0 mm

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  • Circular blades progressively adjustable by threaded spindle
  • Cutting depth and width defined by the particular guide roller
  • Circular blades replaceable
  • Constantly high cutting performance
  • Set includes Raucut 2 tool, toggle, spatula, allen key, screw driver, six guide rollers (diameter 5 mm - 10 mm)
  • Other guide rollers on request
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs


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