Light-Seal® crimp/Swage Tool 2.2mm

P/N 690 106 3

  • Light-Seal® crimp/Swage Tool for use on any Light-Seal 2.2mm sensor ferrules. This tool has a collet depth to accommodate links for Avago technologies HFBR crimps series connectors

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  • The Sensor ferrule POF connector that work with bare fiber or jacket cable.This tool is designed to help with the ease of installation and maximum retention on the POF jacket.
  • This Light-Seal®, Sensor ferrule POF connector is one in the FiberFin series of "The world™s only *patented field termination connector line specifically designed for Polymer Optical Fiber"
  • Light-Seal® is a patented technology that swages the end of the connector to secure and align the fiber concentric to the outside of the connector ferrule, thus assuring minimal lateral fiber offset when the connector is mated to another connector or to an active device.
  • This technology also serves to minimize the probability of contaminates in the connector between the fiber and the connector hole, It also holds the fiber independently from the cable jacket to prevent ™ Pistoning™ so no epoxy or adhesives need to be used and this insures a very simple field installable connector system.
  • Patent number 6,517,255


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