POF Finishing tool, installer's kit, MOST®

P/N 8712 1000 61XL

  • Terminates / Finishes Simplex 2.30mm POF cable Strips the jacket of the POF cable.
  • 4 indent crimp tool put on the MOST ferrules Adjustable length Safe cutting system, Rough cut blade.
  • Comes in a handy plastic case with depth stop and 10X inspect. 50 meters of MOST Cable, 50 male 50 female MOST ferrules and an extra cutting head.

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  • This tool uses an automatic blade advance and final stop (safety cutting system)
  • Special designed multifunctional tool
  • Cutting, stripping and crimping in one tool
  • Tool can process various types of contacts like Tyco, etc.
  • Safety lock in the crimp range for optimal crimping quality
  • 2 different cutting systems optional
  • Tool Black-Oxide finish, made of special tool steel
  • With ergonomically designed two-component handles

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