Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 16)

MultiStrip® 16

P/N 707 040 RT

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  • Applicable for fine, flexible and solid cables
  • Quickly and precisely
  • Built-in wire cutter
  • With adjustable length stop for precision work Adjustable Stripping Length11/16" | 18 mm
  • Stripping Capacity: 28 - 6 AWG | 0.08 - 16 SQ-MM
  • Replaceable blade cassette if the blades are worn out
  • Smooth operating mechanism
  • With tether attachment point
  • Ergonomic soft compound zone in the handle area for a secure grip
Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 16)
With cable cutter on the top side for up to AWG 6 | 16 SQ-MM Semi-circular grooved holding clamp for better grip that holds practically any insulation material securely in place. For special requirements, such as particularly hard or soft insulation materials, optimum fine adjustments can be made using the adjustment wheel.


How parabolic blades work! The parabolic bulging blade pair (red) extensively encloses and cuts the insulation and is thus suitable for many flexible materials.


  707 040
P/N 707 040 RT
Description Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 16)
Handle Type Ergonomic dual-component
Body Glass fiber, reinforced plastic
Wire Sizes 28 - 6 AWG

7 3/4"

707 040 

Weight 0.45 lbs.
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Spare Parts

  707 041
P/N 707 041 RT
Description Replaceable blade cassette
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warningWarning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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