Solar Crimp Set for MC3/MC4/Tlian/Leoni

P/N 624 105-14 RT

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This professional set has everything you need for making solar wire connections. All components are top-quality Rennsteig tools designed and made in Germany specially for the solar industry.

  • For crimping of solar contacts from MC3 and MC4
  • The Set includes:
    • Solar system tool with MC3 (Solarline 1) dies and locator (for AWG 14/12/10)
    • MC4 (Solarline 2)/Tlian (T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1)/Leoni LSC-R1 die set and locator (for AWG 14/12/10)
  • A customized set is much less expensive than multiple individual tools
  • Sets for other applications on request

This Set is preconfigured and enables you to work with the following contacts

MC3 MC4 Tlian (T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1)


Model No. R624 105-14
Dimension 3 1/4" Height, 13 1/2" Length, 10 3/4" Width
Weight 4.0 lbs
Capacity 14/12/10 AWG

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