4/8 Indent Circular Crimp Tool DigiCrimp® 72/73 - MIL

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  • Digital crimping tool for crimping turned male and female contacts with an indenter geometry according to M22520/7-01 and M22520/2-01
  • Indents adjustable in 0.01 mm increments, with digital reading
  • Multifunctional digital display, with settings shown in mm, inches or MIL selector settings according to M22520/7-01 and M22520/2-01
  • Calibration and wear monitoring by means of enclosed gauge
  • RESET function for recalibration
  • Go- Nogo gauge usable for accurate calibration to MIL standard
  • Electronic wear monitoring with warning function
  • Reliable crimping with force lock and synchronous crimp indenters movement
  • Multiple information functions (remaining life, number of calibrations, serial number)
  • Rennsteig turrets and MIL turrets can also be used
  • Stores in a handy plastic case
Advantages: Adapter ring enables the use of MIL 22520/7-01 and MIL 22520/2-01 positioners. MIL positioner  Adapter ring for MIL positioner 

DigiCrimp® - Digital Display InchFour Indent Crimp ProfileAdjusting ScrewDigiCrimp® - Digital Display mm

P/N Finish Capacity Length Weight  
8726 0000 61 Tool with MIL-indenters in case (without locator) 0.08 - 2.5 SQ-MM 28 - 13 AWG 7" 1.5 lbs Mil ContactRequest a Quote!
8736 0000 61 Tool with MIL-indenters in case (without locator) 0.03 - 0.5 SQ-MM 32 - 20 AWG 7" 1.5 lbs Mil ContactRequest a Quote!
8726 XXXX X Rennsteig customized spring pin locator for different kinds of terminals on request.

contact length: 10 - 35 mm
max. diameter: 4 mm

max. pins: 4

- 0.2 lbs MIL contacts

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