Automatic Ferrule Crimping Tool - TWISTOR16

P/N 610 190 6

  • Combines the features of crimping pliers with front and side feed in one universal tool
  • Crimp head can be freely rotated 360°, with 8 locking positions
  • Square crimp profile, high capacity range of 0.14 to 16 SQ-MM (AWG 26 - 5)
  • Automatic square crimping of insulated and uninsulated ferrules
  • End sleeves (Ferrules) can be crimped from almost any working position
  • Possibility of crimping extra long ferrules up to 16 mm in one operation
  • Hand force optimized design of mechanical structure and improved ergonomics for fatigue-free operation
  • Product video

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360° rotatable crimping with 8 lockable positions Optimal square crimping profile Self-guiding jaws

Square CrimpSquare Crimp

Model No. 610 190 6
Finish Black-Oxide
Handles Two-Component
Length 7 1/8"
Weight 0.8 lbs
Capacity 0.14 - 16.0 SQ-MM (similar to 26 - 5 AWG)
Connector End Sleeve FerruleEnd Sleeve Ferrule w/o Collar


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