Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 10)

P/N 707 020

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  • Fully automatic self-adjustment to commercially available multi- and fine-strand conductors with standard insulation
  • Applicable for multi-wire PVC-, and a large variety of rubber-insulated cable
  • Built-in wire cutter
  • Length stop for pre-adjustment of stripping length up to 11/16" | 18 mm
  • Stripping Capacity: 32 - 8 AWG | 0.03 - 10 SQ-MM
  • The adjustment of the tool is no longer necessary due to the unique self-infeeding of the cutting depth preventing damage to the conductor
  • The steel-made restrain jaws with integrated cutting edges very often also allow professional stripping of cables with demanding insulating materials (not usable for high temperature PTFE-cables)
  • With wire cutter for Cu and Al multi-wire cable up to 10mm²/AWG 8 and single-wire cable up to 6 mm²/AWG10
  • Smooth operating mechanism
  • Easily interchangeable screw-on style blades, length stop and restrain jaws with cutting edges
  • Body made of tough fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • Ergonomic soft compound zone in the handle area for a secure grip
Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 10)
Wire cutter for multiple stranded wire cables up to 8 AWG | 10.00 SQ-MM

Steel restrain jaws with cutting edges avoid skidding of the cable.

Precise stripping from 0.03 to 10.0 SQ-MM without re-adjustment


How it worksHow it works
The incision depth of the stripping blade adapts fully automatically to the diameter of the wire and accordingly also to the thickness of all standard insulating materials. There is no need for any of the manual adjustment still necessary when other conventional pliers with a wide wire-stripping range are used.


  707 020
P/N 707 020
Description Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 10)
Handle Type Two-component handles with ergonomic soft compound zone in for a secure grip
Body Glass fiber, reinforced plastic
Wire Sizes 32 - 8 AWG

7 11/16"

707 020 

Weight 0.45 lbs.
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Spare Parts
  707 021 707 022
P/N 707 021 707 022
Description Spare Blade Pair Spare Length Stop
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